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Course Descriptions

Session 1: What in the world is a Recruiter? – An overview of the recruiting industry, terminology, basic financials, and common sales challenges for staffing professionals. Identifying who you are and what type of recruiter you desire to be.

Session 2: Organization for Recruiters – Organizing your time can be the difference between success and failure for a recruiter.  Planning your recruiting strategy takes time! You have to be disciplined to start your day and end it at the right times. In this session learn how to become a high performing recruiter using these scheduling & time management techniques.

Session 3: Sourcing FIRST – Session 1 touched on what a Sourcer and what a Recruiter let's figure out which one comes first. This session delves into how you can create an effective sourcing strategy that focuses on targeted, proactive recruiting. You will understand the 7 platforms of sourcing, be able to practice while you learn, and have links, templates and tools that you can use forever.

Session 4: Internet Mining – This session introduces you to the wonderful world of utilizing the internet as a prime recruiting source. Topics include:

  • Overview of internet mining
  • Top social media sites and the types of talent you can retrieve from each
  • How to find niche job boards and association sites
  • The basics of Boolean Searches

Each Session can be enrolled separately vs. the entire course. This is a great introductory course for junior recruiters that are new to internet mining.

Session 5: LinkedIn Recruiting – In this session we go over professional recruiting in your linkedin network and beyond. There are over 500 million users on LinkedIn, candidates are pretty much waiting to be found. However, there's a method to the madness and you have to know how to approach them. This session's topics include:

  • Building a strong network (at least 100 people)
  • Identifying networking groups and utilizing them to find prospective candidates
  • How to backdoor linkedin and find passive candidates
  • Creating a linkedin profile that attracts the candidates that you are after
  • Paid vs. Free account linkedin account

Session 6: Communication, Communication, and COMMUNICATION – LinkedIn was first to provide low hanging fruit type candidates that we can reach out and touch. Now, Googlejobs is in the mix and will definitely be creating a candidate identifier to match very soon. Why does that matter to a recruiter? That means practically every candidate can be found by our clients and competitors. Our prospective candidates are being bombarded by internal and external recruiters EVERYWHERE. So while candidates are now easier to find, they are becoming increasingly harder to attract. This session will discuss how to attract great candidates and keep them engaged while we find their perfect job match. As well as proper email communication

Session 7: Interviewing Etiquette for the Recruiter – This session focuses on how to effectively conduct an interview to identify if a candidate is qualified and able to perform the position. Session topics would include:

  • Creating a center of excellence experience
  • Personality, Technical Qualifications & Cultural Fit
  • Recognizing Red Flags
  • Follow Up questions
  • Getting information to understand the job better especially for I.T.
  • Behavioral interviewing techniques
  • Training them on S.T.A.R for the hiring manager

Session 8: Is that Legal? – As recruiters, laws changes around us yearly. This session explains employment laws that you will encounter, and teach you how to avoid the snares that can get you into big trouble.. This is a must have for any recruiter or anyone else that is involved in hiring and managing employees.

Session 9: Separation means Equality in Recruiting – In this session, you learn how to not be so uniform and cookie cutter. You will learn how to separate yourself from the competition, and how to have others wanting to utilize your expertise for their positions.

Session 10: Selling Candidates: I found the perfect candidate now what? - In this closing session you learn how to propose and sell the candidates to the hiring manager. This session teaches you not only how to make the candidate look awesome but it give the hiring manager a quick synopsis of what the candidate can bring to the table.