• Career Identity By Design Program

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    Career Identity By Design Program:

    I’m not sure if you are the kind of person that has everything all together & has your whole career completely figured out. Or maybe you have always felt fulfilled in your current job and never longed to do anything else. I’m not sure if you have ever thought about the fact that you make a decent living, but still feel like you don’t have purpose.

    Well……….If you believe that you are supposed to be doing something more fulfilling, then you are probably right. I discovered this Career Assessment while I was discovering myself. This Career Direct Consultation not only assists you in identifying key personality traits and strengths, but it also assesses your most optimal working outcome and environment, and values. No other assessment has a biblical approach on how to view careers and working. This 24 page report filters your unique design through the jobs that you show a strong interest in. 

    This highly advanced Career Assessment has a proven track record to align the direction of a high school student debating next steps in an educational assessment and what type of college to choose OR a mid level career professional seeking their true passion and calling. 

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    • 24 page Detailed Career Report
    • 2-3 Hours Consultation on Report Analysis & Instruction
    • 1 Hour Career Coaching on Next Steps and Plan of Action
    • 1 resume Makeover (no edits)
    • 2 -30 Minute Interview Prep Coaching