• Respect the Code! Laws for Career Strategies & Codeswitching


    While this book is written as a career strategy book, it’s also a great read for someone seeking real life experiences that outline strategies to a successful career. The word code switch takes on a powerful meaning as Monique Davis describes her explosive introduction to codeswitching through her mom who was a single parent of four just trying to raise her to Respect the Code of each environment she entered in order to succeed.

    This book not only acts as a career guide, but also a memoir of Davis’ career journey and what you may consider implementing if placed in similar situations. Respect The Code! Laws for Career Strategies & Codeswitching touches the topics that most career books stay away from. Sexual Harassment, Climbing the Corporate ladder, Inappropriate Relationships, Racial Discrimination and Provocative Work Attire. All the while providing a biblical approach and answer to most  of the conflicts that occur within her personal career journey.

    “I commend Monique Davis for sharing her story in this book. Her ability to open up the pages of her life and provide details on how she was able to  overcome many obstacles will be the ‘seed’ that someone needs in order to turn their life around and reach new heights in their career and personal life.” Chance W. Lewis, PhD -Carol Grotnes Belk Distinguished Professor of Urban Education

    This is the book that may quickly become your favorite companion in the workplace as well as your reference guide before you walk into an interview. Respect The Code! Laws for Career Strategies & Codeswitching, contains thoughtful writing exercises that help you discover and develop the best version of you in a corporate environment.